When Geeks lose their grip on reality

A few years ago, Dave and I were madly obsessed with World of Warcraft, so we made a video applying WoW and MMO-related behavior into real world scenarios. It didn’t quite make it into the short film festival as we hoped, but still all y’all geeks on the Internet liked it lots. So here it is again!


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2 responses to “When Geeks lose their grip on reality

  • Drew

    Crap… I am beyond depressed. That was the most nail-biting and intense game I’ve ever watched. And then it’s all over because of a really really bad pass that shouldn’t have happened anyway. Just get it into field goal range, you know???

    And then I get into the car to send Jo to work this morning, and guess which random song popped up in my mix CD? Saints, by The Breeders.

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