Relatives messing with your shit

I had lunch with some friends today, and they were asking when I was going to replace my Xbox 360. I said after Chinese New Year (which is in about 3 weeks time). They were like, why not now? Well, here’s a good reason: visiting relatives. Chinese New Year is one of those holidays where people just love visiting other people, so basically you’re going to have a whole mess of people walking in and out of your home.

Broken Guitar Hero World Tour Drums

Why is my drumset sitting unused in my sister's room? Oh yeah, because some kids broke it.

And herein lies the problem… sometimes, people just don’t give a crap, especially some distant-assed relative that you never see much, whose spoilt-assed kids think they own everything. So these kids are going to run around your place, playing and touching everything you own, with zero regard for your privacy and shit. And lo and behold, they break something. Whether it’s an antique vase, your favorite coffee mug, or your Xbox, they’re bound to break something. And what do their parents do? They laugh it off and say “Oh kids will be kids.” They don’t need to pay for it, because even if it looks bad on them, they’re not going to see you for at least another year anyway. In their heads, it’ll be like “Hate me all you want, bitches. This time next week, I’ll be back home with zero desire to read your hate-filled blog. I’m going to eat me some pineapple tarts while you cry in your room.”

I already lost my Guitar Hero drums to some over-zealous family friends last month. I really don’t want to replace my Xbox now, only to have it busted up again during Chinese New Year.

A friend of mine came back from a holiday, only to find that his beloved Modern Warfare 2 disc had been scratched up by some cousins while he was away. Another one had a limited edition collectible X-Men bust broken by some kid. Now this wasn’t some cheap mass-produced action figure… this was a $300 collectible! At least he had the balls to take that broken collectible to the kid’s parent and ask for some repayment.

What about you guys? Any stories about distant relatives or family friends messing with your shit?


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One response to “Relatives messing with your shit

  • pizzabit

    That is why I would never EVER reveal to any of my relatives that I got any UBER / SUB-UBER Console lying somewhere in my house.

    Call it selfish, but i doubt anyone wanna visiting relatives hanging too long in the house, after all, the reason you allow them to visit is so that you can collect some red-packet (same theory doesn’t apply to married couples w/o kids)

    Married couples… i will probably just locked out my house and pretend that i am on a cruise or something, until i have my bunch of armies larger than the visiting family.

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