Internet Haters and Na’vi boobs

Neytiri the nav'iThose who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach, well, they hide behind an Internet moniker like Arcturuz and shit on everyone and everything on Internet forums. One of the things that Internet Warriors like Arcturuz like to shit on are movies. They’ll claim to be movie fans, and yet they never seem to actually like any movie, choosing instead to gripe about them and nitpick at every little detail. It’s as if their dicks grow an inch every time they spot some minor error in a movie.

If that really is the case, then after a 3 page flame on why Avatar is horrendous, you might just be able to see Arcturuz’ dick. Though that also leads to another quandary: if nobody ever sees Arcturuz’ dick, is it really visible?

Anyway, how do people deal with these Internet Warriors? You can ignore them, bitch back at them, or you can do what James Cameron recently did and just make a clever and snarky remark at them.

I read on that in a recent Interview, someone asked Cameron why the Na’vi in Avatar have boobs. After all, they’re not mammals or anything, so technically they don’t need boobs because they don’t breastfeed. Cameron just replies: “Because of the midichlorians.” Just kidding! This is his real reply:

Because this is a movie for human people.

Suck on that, haters. The King of the World makes movies for human beings, not for the basement-dwelling scum of the Earth. Now I’m not saying that Avatar is the greatest film ever or anything (in fact I was a bit disappointed by it, and kinda glad it didn’t win the Oscar for Best Picture) but it is still waaay better than anything some douche on the Internet can concoct. So lay off, haters!

Actually, Cameron now has pretty much billions and billions of dollars at his command, so he should just do what Jay and Silent Bob did to silence their haters – that is, flying out to every single one of them and kicking their asses!


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