DoTA better than sex?

I know, I know. All of you girls out there keep looking at the profiles pictures of our two studs DX and Alden, and you’re all like “ooooh those guys look hawt. I wonder what it’s like to get nasty with them?” Well, do remember that these two guys are major gamers, so things in the sack might not turn out the way it does in your fantasies.

Actually, Brad Farless recently Tweeted a picture that pretty much hints at what a night of passion with DX and Alden might resemble.

Am I a geek if my first thought was: "RTS without a mouse?"

In their defense, neither of them actually play DoTA, but it does give me a chance to put up this hilarious video of some Asian dude reviewing DoTA… or as his says it: “Defenz o de Asian”. Oh it’s hilarious!

I can imagine this guy whipping out his laptop during sex with his Taiwanese import wife, and when she’s all like: “Baby, what are you doing?” and he’ll be like: “Holy smock, bitch! I can be sexing you or I can play de DoTA… It don madda!”


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