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Hardcore Halo Believers refusing to accept the game’s death

As some of us know, Bungie’s finally retiring the Halo 2 servers. But for some massively dedicated Halo 2 fans, they’re absolutely refusing to let go. Because you can keep the games going as long as you don’t switch off your Xbox and stay connected, these guys are pretty much just prolonging the inevitable, and fighting the good fight. Last I read on the Bungie forums, they’ve had their Xboxes left on for 2 straight weeks.

Technology being what it is, certain machines will occasionally fail and players will drop out. Currently there are still 12 Halo believers left in that game, and they’re not letting go. I guess this is pretty much the virtual equivalent of sitting in a tree and refusing to let some loggers with chainsaws take it down.

Halo 2 tree sitters

When you absolutely refuse to let Bungie take away your Halo 2 experience

Well, some of you guys might think it’s pretty losery, seeing as Halo 2 is pretty old and there’s been tons of new Halo games since, but I say “Go for it, guys!” In this day and age, it’s hard enough to find something to believe in, let alone worth fighting for. These guys have found their fight, and they’re not budging despite the inevitable conclusion. If zombies really do infest the world, I’m sure these guys will have the resolve to fight the zombies to the very end.

If nothing else, it demonstrates more conviction that simply buying a Halo R/C warthog and beating your chest like King Kong. The Master Chief would be proud of them!


Top 5 Brutal Interrogation moments (updated)

(This post is updated to include Hard Candy at the #3 spot. I can’t believe I forgot to include it the first time)

Jo and I, like a lotta other people I know, have been playing Splinter Cell Conviction, and some of the nastier parts of the game are the brutal interrogation scenes where Sam beats the crap out of people in order to get info from them. I mean, check out this video of Sam interrogating some poor gang boss in a toilet. Watch as his head goes through the urinal. That’s so unhygienic!

Being nasty to people in order to get them to confess stuff is nothing new to games and movies, so I figured I’ll just round up a Top 5 list of pretty brutal interrogation moments in games and movies.

#5 – The Punisher videogame

I’ve never actually played this game, but I’ve heard a lot about the violent interrogation moments where Frank Castle beats the crap out of people for info. So I looked it up on YouTube, and the first thing I see is some dude getting his throat jammed in a window. The shit that follows is no less painful, so yeah… it’s pretty brutal. Of course, the animation and graphics has got nothing on Splinter Cell: Conviction, this game’s half a decade old.

#4 – Scarface

Among the numerous memorable moments in this classic film is the bit where Tony is strung up in a bathroom while his friends are slowly being cut to pieces by some Colombian gangsters. The scene had enough impact to be referenced in a lot of games and movies, including a mission in GTA: Vice City that’s almost a total remake of it.


#3 – Hard Candy

I can’t believe I forgot to include Hard Candy in this list the first time around. Shit, this movie is basically one long and brutal interrogation sequence! A pedophile “snares” a young teen and brings her to his home… but then she turns out to be one psycho kid with an agenda? This movie is awesome! If it was more ingrained in pop culture, it would probably overtake Reservoir Dogs too! Here’s the trailer, which doesn’t really get across just how creepy the movie is.

#2 – Reservoir Dogs

The most iconic moment in Tarantino’s debut film has got to be the bit where Michael Madsen starts giving the cop a Van Gogh makeover, while the most random music plays on the radio. It’s just such a weird mix of music and subject matter, and anyone who’s seen this movie cannot possibly hear that song without thinking of ear slashing.

The Van Gogh makeover

I can’t embed the scene, but you can check it out the nastiness on YouTube here.

#1 – Robocop

Okay, this scene will probably not top anyone else’s lists, but it does for me. In the clip below, fast forward to about 2:10 into the video and you’ll see Robocop begin to extract information from bad-ass Clarence Boddicker. He does this by reading him his Miranda Rights… while throwing him through not one, not two, but THREE windows in succession. This scene is defenestration defined!!! Ain’t nothing cooler than a cyborg throwing a gangster with glasses through a window again and again hahaha!

And yes, that is Kurtwood Smith, aka the dad from That 70’s Show.

Memorable mention: The Long Kiss Goodnight

Okay, first off, I’ll admit that this isn’t particularly brutal. But it resonated with me for two reasons: I’m shit-scared of drowning, and this scenes scares the hell out of me. And the other reason is of course, Geena Davis in a wet nightgown.

Imperial Pinup Hotties of the Week

A few days ago we had some religious Star Wars-inspired paintings, so today we’re going to do something different and ramp up the sex appeal! The Swedish Bed posted up some pictures of some recruitment posters for the Empire, and with that sorta hotness going on those pesky rebels are going to find themselves even more outnumbered than usual.

There’s the usual Stormtrooper hotties, a scout trooper, even a TIE pilot. Peruse, admire, and then sign up to do your part for the Empire today!

I just realized that these pinups are done by concept artist Feng Zhu, who aside from doing lots of concept design work for Lucasfilm is also the founder of the Feng Zhu Design School upstairs from where I study. His stuff is awesome (although he also designed the Michael Bay Starscream, which I’m not too fond of). Do check them out!

Oh, and everytime I see Feng Zhu walking around, he’s also flanked by at least 2 girls. Moral of the story: doing geeky design work can attract chicks after all… especially if you rake in boatloads of money doing it.

Religious Star Wars pics

I just saw the funniest post over at, with a gallery of religious Star Wars artwork. I know a whole bunch of people like Dave worship Star Wars as a religion, but these pictures are kinda ridiculous. Among them was my favorite, a rendition of the Last Supper except with the Star Wars crew.

Click for the really large version of the Last Star Wars Supper

There was also a couple of pretty weird ones, like this one below that’s absolutely waaaaay creepy, and one of my all-time favorite type of Stormtrooper, the scout trooper.

Okay that Yoda baby is just creepy

Saint Scout Trooper

There’s a whole lot more at, so go and check it out.

Discovering the Wheel, Fire and Religion simultaneously

Here’s a randomly random anecdote to start the week: In the classic PC game Star Control II (aka The Ur-Quan Masters), there’s an alien alliance known as the Zoq-Fot-Pik, and after talking to them you can find out how their culture got jump-started by a single event.

The Zoq-Fot-Pik

Basically, a Zoq, a Fot and a Pik were walking up a steep path, when a bolt of lightning struck nearby. The lightning carved a strange disc with a hole in the middle, and the disc started rolling down the hill towards the three terrified aliens. Some dry grass was caught on its hole, and since the disc was still really hot from the lightning the grass caught on fire.

When the rock finally got to the Zoq, the Fot, and the Pik they simultaneously discovered the Wheel, Fire, and Religion, thus catapulting them on the road to progress.

How did a flaming wheel give birth to religion? Well, the flaming wheel actually hit and killed the Zoq.

The Fot and the Pik felt so bad (they really liked that Zoq!) that they decided the Zoq hadn’t really died when the wheel flattened him… He had just gone to “a better place.” Presumably one without lethal flaming wheels.

A Bollywood Halo movie?

So I was just at Nizam’s blog, and the latest post was a trailer for an upcoming Halo movie. Halo movie??? I thought the project was canceled! But lo and behold, since Hollywood studios have totally fumbled the ball, Bollywood is there to scoop it up and run it in for a TD.

Master-Chief's face is finally revealed

Though I must say, they made the mistake of taking off Master-Chief’s helmet and revealing his face. Didn’t they watch Judge Dredd? It didn’t work then and it’s not going to work now.

After watching the “trailer”, it’s now inherently clear that this is an April Fool’s hoax from IGN… but it’s still pretty funny nonetheless.

That said, if a Halo movie were to ever surface, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Bollywood would do their own version. I mean, they’ve done their own version of Fight Club, right? If you can do a Bollywood Fight Club, you can do anything. Check out the trailer, and watch out for “The Left Hand Rule”. WTF is a “Left Hand Rule?” That just sounds really wrong.

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