A Bollywood Halo movie?

So I was just at Nizam’s blog, and the latest post was a trailer for an upcoming Halo movie. Halo movie??? I thought the project was canceled! But lo and behold, since Hollywood studios have totally fumbled the ball, Bollywood is there to scoop it up and run it in for a TD.

Master-Chief's face is finally revealed

Though I must say, they made the mistake of taking off Master-Chief’s helmet and revealing his face. Didn’t they watch Judge Dredd? It didn’t work then and it’s not going to work now.

After watching the “trailer”, it’s now inherently clear that this is an April Fool’s hoax from IGN… but it’s still pretty funny nonetheless.

That said, if a Halo movie were to ever surface, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Bollywood would do their own version. I mean, they’ve done their own version of Fight Club, right? If you can do a Bollywood Fight Club, you can do anything. Check out the trailer, and watch out for “The Left Hand Rule”. WTF is a “Left Hand Rule?” That just sounds really wrong.


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  • shotgun


  • shotgun

    oops. my Girlllllymannnnnn song title was too long in its original content.

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