Imperial Pinup Hotties of the Week

A few days ago we had some religious Star Wars-inspired paintings, so today we’re going to do something different and ramp up the sex appeal! The Swedish Bed posted up some pictures of some recruitment posters for the Empire, and with that sorta hotness going on those pesky rebels are going to find themselves even more outnumbered than usual.

There’s the usual Stormtrooper hotties, a scout trooper, even a TIE pilot. Peruse, admire, and then sign up to do your part for the Empire today!

I just realized that these pinups are done by concept artist Feng Zhu, who aside from doing lots of concept design work for Lucasfilm is also the founder of the Feng Zhu Design School upstairs from where I study. His stuff is awesome (although he also designed the Michael Bay Starscream, which I’m not too fond of). Do check them out!

Oh, and everytime I see Feng Zhu walking around, he’s also flanked by at least 2 girls. Moral of the story: doing geeky design work can attract chicks after all… especially if you rake in boatloads of money doing it.


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2 responses to “Imperial Pinup Hotties of the Week

  • eBlockHead

    So long you rake in boatloads of money, you can attract chicks regardless of anything.

    Not too big a fan of Star “Chicken Legs” Scream myself, but I kinda like Spongebob’s Starscream.

  • shotgun

    They didnt clone women in the Empire. None, at all, not even female aliens but they should have, then all would be happy. The Rebels had 1 princess, that old lady and the ion-cannon operator on hoth to entice 1 ambitious relative and other overweight male star fighters to join.

    Emperor Palpatine was an idiot.

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