Hardcore Halo Believers refusing to accept the game’s death

As some of us know, Bungie’s finally retiring the Halo 2 servers. But for some massively dedicated Halo 2 fans, they’re absolutely refusing to let go. Because you can keep the games going as long as you don’t switch off your Xbox and stay connected, these guys are pretty much just prolonging the inevitable, and fighting the good fight. Last I read on the Bungie forums, they’ve had their Xboxes left on for 2 straight weeks.

Technology being what it is, certain machines will occasionally fail and players will drop out. Currently there are still 12 Halo believers left in that game, and they’re not letting go. I guess this is pretty much the virtual equivalent of sitting in a tree and refusing to let some loggers with chainsaws take it down.

Halo 2 tree sitters

When you absolutely refuse to let Bungie take away your Halo 2 experience

Well, some of you guys might think it’s pretty losery, seeing as Halo 2 is pretty old and there’s been tons of new Halo games since, but I say “Go for it, guys!” In this day and age, it’s hard enough to find something to believe in, let alone worth fighting for. These guys have found their fight, and they’re not budging despite the inevitable conclusion. If zombies really do infest the world, I’m sure these guys will have the resolve to fight the zombies to the very end.

If nothing else, it demonstrates more conviction that simply buying a Halo R/C warthog and beating your chest like King Kong. The Master Chief would be proud of them!


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3 responses to “Hardcore Halo Believers refusing to accept the game’s death

  • shotgun

    These the real nerds from Big Bang Theory? If a bunch of hot chicks/hunks asked for hot sweaty sex in the middle of a virtual firefight, the chicks/hunks would be physically non-existent to the nerds due to the nerds’ dimensional shift in psychological consciousness from reality into the Halo World which is actually an infinite loop requiring all Halo fans to ‘finish the fight’?

    in short… WTF?

  • Drew

    Wow! That’s an indepth analysis!

    My wife would make similar comments, especially when I was big on World of Warcraft.

  • Mr Toffee

    Fandom doth emit strange behavior among the best of us.

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