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An accurate portrayal of a relationship in a videogame

I’m too swamped with work to write something today, so here’s a video that Madhattersings found. 16 bit graphics and sound are so awesome!


Looking for some videogame soundtracks?

I was working on my animation demo reel, and I wanted to edit it to LeChuck’s theme from the old Monkey Island games. Anyway, I managed to find it at this site called Kingdom Hearts Insider, and not only was Monkey Island’s soundtracks there, but so was a whole bunch of other games. I mean, there was the obligatory Final Fantasy series, newer games like the Metal Gear series… but what really amazed me was the older stuff, even Genesis games like Shinobi, Sonic, and so on. It’s not just exclusive to console games either, but there was also a lot of PC games like the aforementioned Monkey Island series, Syndicate, and more!

Just as that line never gets old, the music doesn't either.

If you like videogame soundtracks, then definitely check out this site.

But if your tastes are a bit more specific, like say you wanted some soundtracks for old Sierra games, then Quest Studios is the site you want to go to. You guys remember those old Sierra “Quest” games, right? King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory and Leisure Suit Larry?

Quest for Glory 1

16 color EGA is da shit!

Quest Studios has painstakingly preserved all the original music from these games in their MIDI format! Yeah, that’s right… MIDI! How can you go wrong with old school MIDI? For those of us without dedicated MIDI hardware (which is like all of us except Cedric the Music Demon), Tom over at Quest Studios has converted most of the popular soundtracks in their entirety into MP3 format.

Honestly, how can you go wrong with classic themes such as Quest for Glory and Leisure Suit Larry? Go over there and relive the classics now!

Leisure Suit Larry 5

Before Larry went 3D, he was awesome, and his music was iconic!

Old music video: Mountains (Neek Pee bday mix)

Ages and ages ago, a friend of ours had a birthday surprise in the form of a music video. A bunch of us reworked the lyrics of a Hell is for Heroes song, and then covered the song and made a video out of the process. I was just going through old shit recently and stumbled across it. Since I got nothing else better to put up today, I figured I’d put this up for old times’ sake.

If you notice, my brother is playing an awesome guitar. Most guitars have 6 or 7 strings, but his has ZERO STRINGS. THAT’S EPIC!!!

Epic zero-string guitar

Anyway, check out the vid below!

Bitch-faced Hottie of the Week: Julia Stiles

Two things inspired this week’s Hottie of the Week:
1) The Sauce and his obsession with this girl known only as “Bitch-face”
2) Watching 10 Things I Hate About You with Jo last night.

Julia Stiles - our Bitch-faced Hottie of the Week

Julia Stiles is pretty much one of my favorite underrated actresses in Hollywood. She’s got serious acting talent, she doesn’t do annoying things in her personal life (like breaking up with Ben Affleck for example) and she doesn’t appear in Eddie Murphy movies. How could you go wrong with that? But somehow, her career just hasn’t really taken off in any major way. She had her breakout role in the aforementioned 10 Things I Hate About You (alongside the late Heath Ledger), she had the lead in Save the Last Dance, appeared in a Julia Roberts movie, and then sorta didn’t show up anyway except for a role in the remake of The Omen. Oh wait, there was the Bourne movies too… but I didn’t watch those.

That sucks, because she’s always been so good in anything she plays, and I’m not the only one that thinks so because all the pro critics agree too. But why then do actresses like Mandy Moore and Kristen Stewart go places but not her? Is it because she’s just so incredibly awesome at playing bitchy roles? Is it because you look at her, and you see her channel this look of extreme disdain unto you? Does she make you feel really inadequate?

Anyway, I love that bitch-face routine that she does. I love the way she shoots down people with malicious sarcasm and extreme prejudice. I love that her expression just epitomizes the concept of “scorn”. And that’s why she’s the Hottie of the Week.

Oh yeah, here’s a video of some dude that also has a crush on Julia Stiles:

Get your car washed by Slave Leia

When a guy goes to get his car washed by a bunch of girls in soapy bikinis, that’s sleazy.

But when a guy gets his car washed by a bunch of girls in soapy Slave Leia metal bikinis, then that’s awesome.

How come they don’t have fundraisers like this around here? It’s a Star Wars fan’s wet dream! Geddit, wet dream? Shit… bad pun…

Five Finger Fret: the Gamer Band

When Guitar Hero World Tour first came out, we were stoked! You Americans don’t know this, but Singapore never officially got Rock Band for the longest time. We actually had to wait for the release of GHWT before we got our chance to play some plastic drums and sing into plastic microphones. Wait… aren’t most microphones plastic anyway?

Anyway, we were massively caught up in the GHWT craze, to the point where we formed a gamer band named Five Finger Fret and went out and shot some music videos using the GHWT instruments! There was Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer, which had a basic concept of four people playing GHWT in their homes via Xbox Live, and then suddenly transporting into a random carpark halfway through the song. Strangely enough, it’s kinda similar to the original Livin’ on a Prayer video where Bon Jovi are rehearsing onstage, and then suddenly it’s using real concert footage.

We also did another smaller scale video for the Blind Melon song No Rain. Just for kicks. I don’t know if you’ve ever been the drummer in this song, but you’ve got fuck-all to do until a full 2 minutes into the song.

Sadly, like any credible real band, Five Finger Fret has broken up now. Maybe there will be a reunion video when Band Hero 2 comes out. Or when Rock Band 2 comes out in Singapore (which it hasn’t yet). Maybe… In the meantime, join the Facebook group and tell them how much you love them!

Five Finger Fret, the best Guitar Hero band in Singapore!

And yes, that is my cousin Hanxiang, who pretty much appears in all of my videos, including World of Offline Gaming (aka Woog). Here’s a challenge for you music fans out there: name another band that’s practically all female except for a male lead singer.

Update: I forgot to mention this, but a couple of members in the band were even interviewed in Digital Life!

Splatterhouse lives!

Gametrailers just put out a new extended trailer of their upcoming Splatterhouse game (since it’s just called Splatterhouse, I’m guessing it’s a remake and not a sequel). I don’t know if you guys remember, but Splatterhouse was an arcade game back in the 80’s, and it was gory as hell. I remember seeing it at some shoddy arcade, and seeing the demo of a dude in a hockey mask with a plank of wood splattering zombies against the wall. I forgot all about the game (this was before the Internet) but then I remembered again when I picked up Splatterhouse 2 on the Sega Genesis, and then again when I leeched the Splatterhouse 3 ROM for a Genesis emulator. After that, I think the franchise just sorta went into hibernation.

And now, they’re remaking it for a new generation of violence-obsessed kids! This trailer is actually kinda blargh because there’s no blood and the slo-mo gets really boring after a while… but I do appreciate the animation. Your character moves really well and it looks sweet. Then towards the end of the video, shit hits the fan and you see some real gameplay footage, and it looks pretty interesting.

Anyway, the game was all about high difficulty levels and extreme gore. Zombies had skin like cheap condoms and would explode the moment you touched them, so there was green goo flying around everywhere. The zombie designs in the new trailer look very similar to the old school stuff, but will it be anywhere as gory and classic as the original?

Buff white guy in cut-off jeans? It's like an albino Hulk!

Check out this sample footage of the original arcade game below. Make sure you watch up to the bit where he picks up the plank and starts swinging zombies into the wall! That’s exactly one minute into the video.

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