Five Finger Fret: the Gamer Band

When Guitar Hero World Tour first came out, we were stoked! You Americans don’t know this, but Singapore never officially got Rock Band for the longest time. We actually had to wait for the release of GHWT before we got our chance to play some plastic drums and sing into plastic microphones. Wait… aren’t most microphones plastic anyway?

Anyway, we were massively caught up in the GHWT craze, to the point where we formed a gamer band named Five Finger Fret and went out and shot some music videos using the GHWT instruments! There was Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer, which had a basic concept of four people playing GHWT in their homes via Xbox Live, and then suddenly transporting into a random carpark halfway through the song. Strangely enough, it’s kinda similar to the original Livin’ on a Prayer video where Bon Jovi are rehearsing onstage, and then suddenly it’s using real concert footage.

We also did another smaller scale video for the Blind Melon song No Rain. Just for kicks. I don’t know if you’ve ever been the drummer in this song, but you’ve got fuck-all to do until a full 2 minutes into the song.

Sadly, like any credible real band, Five Finger Fret has broken up now. Maybe there will be a reunion video when Band Hero 2 comes out. Or when Rock Band 2 comes out in Singapore (which it hasn’t yet). Maybe… In the meantime, join the Facebook group and tell them how much you love them!

Five Finger Fret, the best Guitar Hero band in Singapore!

And yes, that is my cousin Hanxiang, who pretty much appears in all of my videos, including World of Offline Gaming (aka Woog). Here’s a challenge for you music fans out there: name another band that’s practically all female except for a male lead singer.

Update: I forgot to mention this, but a couple of members in the band were even interviewed in Digital Life!


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