Bitch-faced Hottie of the Week: Julia Stiles

Two things inspired this week’s Hottie of the Week:
1) The Sauce and his obsession with this girl known only as “Bitch-face”
2) Watching 10 Things I Hate About You with Jo last night.

Julia Stiles - our Bitch-faced Hottie of the Week

Julia Stiles is pretty much one of my favorite underrated actresses in Hollywood. She’s got serious acting talent, she doesn’t do annoying things in her personal life (like breaking up with Ben Affleck for example) and she doesn’t appear in Eddie Murphy movies. How could you go wrong with that? But somehow, her career just hasn’t really taken off in any major way. She had her breakout role in the aforementioned 10 Things I Hate About You (alongside the late Heath Ledger), she had the lead in Save the Last Dance, appeared in a Julia Roberts movie, and then sorta didn’t show up anyway except for a role in the remake of The Omen. Oh wait, there was the Bourne movies too… but I didn’t watch those.

That sucks, because she’s always been so good in anything she plays, and I’m not the only one that thinks so because all the pro critics agree too. But why then do actresses like Mandy Moore and Kristen Stewart go places but not her? Is it because she’s just so incredibly awesome at playing bitchy roles? Is it because you look at her, and you see her channel this look of extreme disdain unto you? Does she make you feel really inadequate?

Anyway, I love that bitch-face routine that she does. I love the way she shoots down people with malicious sarcasm and extreme prejudice. I love that her expression just epitomizes the concept of “scorn”. And that’s why she’s the Hottie of the Week.

Oh yeah, here’s a video of some dude that also has a crush on Julia Stiles:


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