Looking for some videogame soundtracks?

I was working on my animation demo reel, and I wanted to edit it to LeChuck’s theme from the old Monkey Island games. Anyway, I managed to find it at this site called Kingdom Hearts Insider, and not only was Monkey Island’s soundtracks there, but so was a whole bunch of other games. I mean, there was the obligatory Final Fantasy series, newer games like the Metal Gear series… but what really amazed me was the older stuff, even Genesis games like Shinobi, Sonic, and so on. It’s not just exclusive to console games either, but there was also a lot of PC games like the aforementioned Monkey Island series, Syndicate, and more!

Just as that line never gets old, the music doesn't either.

If you like videogame soundtracks, then definitely check out this site.

But if your tastes are a bit more specific, like say you wanted some soundtracks for old Sierra games, then Quest Studios is the site you want to go to. You guys remember those old Sierra “Quest” games, right? King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory and Leisure Suit Larry?

Quest for Glory 1

16 color EGA is da shit!

Quest Studios has painstakingly preserved all the original music from these games in their MIDI format! Yeah, that’s right… MIDI! How can you go wrong with old school MIDI? For those of us without dedicated MIDI hardware (which is like all of us except Cedric the Music Demon), Tom over at Quest Studios has converted most of the popular soundtracks in their entirety into MP3 format.

Honestly, how can you go wrong with classic themes such as Quest for Glory and Leisure Suit Larry? Go over there and relive the classics now!

Leisure Suit Larry 5

Before Larry went 3D, he was awesome, and his music was iconic!


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