Using telephone books to improve your gaming experience

Back in the day, my BFF Aaron and I were living the student life in an apartment in Sydney. After getting a TV and an Xbox, he was too broke to buy a table to put them on. So instead of putting them on the floor and then crimping his neck to play Halo and watch movies, we took my skateboard out and borrowed a whole bunch of leftover telephone books that the people in our apartment block didn’t want. I have to stress that these books have been there for half a year, and nobody could be bothered picking them up.

A skateboard trolley

So we transported about 48 telephone books from the mailroom back to our apartment (took a couple of trips) and stacked them up in his room to make an instant TV table! Later on, he put a cloth over the stack to make it more presentable, but this is what it looked like that first night.

48 telephone books = instant TV table

And yes, that is a totally awesome parakeet named Drakey sitting on top of that sai. She used to sing along to Marilyn Manson and Korn.


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