Top 5 “La La La” songs

We haven’t had a Top 5 for a while, so since I was putting together a mix CD of songs that include “La la la” in the lyrics, I’d put up my pick of the Top 5. You know what I mean by “La la la” songs, right? Basically, any song that has someone singing “la la la” in it. Yeah, of course you knew that. Why the hell did I feel the need to elaborate such a simple concept? Am I patronizing you? NO!

#5: Cibo Matto – Sugar Water

Okay, this is one of those really trippy songs that you have to be in the right mood for. It’s two weird indie Japanese chicks singing what I figure to be random lyrics, but it’s packaged in one of the most awesome music videos ever by Michel Gondry. It’s two single-take shots laid side by side, one going in real-time and the other going in reverse, but it all matches up. Imagine trying to script a sequence like that!

#4: that dog. – Retreat from the Sun

that dog. (yeah, with the really weird punctuation) aren’t exactly the greatest band in the world or anything, but back in the late 90’s I really loved the shit out of their 3rd studio album. There are a couple of songs on it that fit the “la la la” theme, but I picked this one cos it’s one of my favorites.

#3: Weston – La La Love You (cover of a Pixies song)

It’s not that Weston’s cover of this song (which came on the Pixies tribute album Where Is My Mind) is any better than the original or anything, but I picked it over the original version cos they put a lot more “la la la” singing in it. And that to be suits the theme a bit more. So yeah, la la la la la! All I’m saying, pretty baby… la la love you, don’t say maybe.

Here’s a video, cut to some old TV show that I can’t recognize.

#2: Redd Kross – Yesterday Once More (cover of a Carpenters song)

Wow it’s another cover! And the reason I picked the cover over the original this time is because I’m sure younger kids like my fellow writers DX and Alden will go apeshit if I put any Carpenters stuff in this site. If it doesn’t have distorted guitars, heavy drum-beats, or Megan Fox, they quickly lose interest in things. Lotus on the other hand, would probably prefer to see Karen Carpenter on the site, but I’m sure she can figure out a way to put Karen in one of her posts.

#1: Liz Phair and Material Issue – The Tra La La Song

There were a ton of gems on the Saturday Morning Cartoons tribute album, but my favorite has always been the opening track. It’s just way too upbeat and way too happy for me not to include it in this list. This is the first time I’m seeing this music video, and it’s so colorful that it’ll cheer you up even on a dreary Monday.

There’s a whole bunch of other “la la la” songs too, and I’ll include them in a new section of the blog for Playlists.


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