Monkey Drummers and other trippy videos

I don’t know why, but I suddenly received the urge to post this video of a monkey drumming his ass off. It’s an insanely awesome video collaboration between Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin, so yeah be prepared to get your mind blown away by a monkey on some drums.

Director Chris Cunningham and music composer (I’m not really sure how to categorize him, actually) Aphex Twin had several other collaborations, including Windowlicker and Come to Daddy. He’s also done stuff for Squarepusher and Bjork, so yeah he’s really awesome.

Cool artsy people always have long hair

Anyway, the most messed up video of them all is probably Rubber Johnny. Watch this one in the dark with headphones. That will really freak you out some! And that chihuahua’s hilarious too.


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