Classic music video: Bon Jovi – Always

We were at a pub the other night listening to this cover band play, and suddenly they announced that they were gonna do a Bon Jovi song. I don’t know why, but I suddenly held my breath and hoped that they would play Always. And lo and behold, they did!

Carla Gugino, and a hat

Anyway, on top of being a classic pub song to cover, Always also has a pretty classic music video. I actually hadn’t seen it before, until DX pointed out that Carla Gugino was in it. Yeah, the hot mama from Spy Kids! So I went to check it out, and not only did it have Carla Gugino, but Keri Russell too. There’s even a guy that looks like “Sunshine” from Remember the Titans, but isn’t.

He paints a portrait of her… and then randomly takes off his shirt while doing so. So what else can she do, but take hers off too!

As a video, it’s a pretty standard affair: you’ve got a mini-story of Sunshine-lookalike happily dating Carla Gugino, then kinda cheats on her with their flatmate Keri Russell. So Carla runs off to some random art guy’s uber-cool warehouse studio loft, and he paints a portrait of her… and then randomly takes off his shirt while doing so. So what else can she do, but take hers off too! After that, they fuck, and she wakes up alone and feels all used. Sunshine-lookalike comes back, and then realizes what she did, and proceeds to – and this is where it gets really epic – trash the place, stab the painting, and then torch the entire building, complete with an explosion. Awesome! Oh, then he tries to grab a hologram.

Now I’ve got a few issues with this video though… who the fuck would cheat on Carla Gugino with Keri Russell? Don’t get me wrong… Keri Russell is not an unattractive woman by any standards, but it’s Carla Gugino! Who’d do that?

And is it just me or does every single person, male and female, have long hair in this video? Guitarist, lead singer, both females, Sunshine-lookalike, and even the random artist guy. The only people without long hair are the firemen and cops at the end. Then again, I had long hair too during the 90’s.

Random fact: This song was written by Bon Jovi for a movie called Romeo is Bleeding. But they watched the flick and hated it, so the song was shelved and forgotten. It probably would’ve remained unreleased had some random friend not listened to it and convinced him to release it in the Crossroads album. And it turned out to be their best-selling single.


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