Avril Kawaii-yo!

A couple of posts back, I compared Liz Phair to Avril Lavigne, which pissed quite a few music fans off. Apparently Avril Lavigne’s music is somewhat of a joke, right? She’s so pop and fake and everything that she must be the suckiest musician or even poseur in the world, right? Wrong!

Hey hey you you!

Firstly, I like Avril. That whole punk rocker chick thing might be a bit manufactured or contrived, but no less contrived than the leathers and spikes of some black metal band (except maybe Emperor, cos those guys are really psychotic). Secondly, Avril is respected enough by the Japanese to warrant a tribute album. No shit! Just check it out on Amazon.

Japan's tribute to Avril

So yeah… a Japanese tribute album. You don’t get much more street cred than that, right? Of course, if you read the customer reviews on Amazon, almost every person rips into the album. But that’s beside the point, right? Critics also complained about The Last Boy Scout, but we all know that it was one of the best movies of all time.

Anyway, Avril rocks. That’s pretty much all I have to say. Yeah, it’s not really much, but then again her lyrics don’t have much to say either, so it’s kinda appropriate.


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