Top 5 Fight Scenes ever!

Recently, I scored a Jackie Chan DVD for an awesome $6. And it’s not just any Jackie Chan movie, but the Jackie Chan movie with my favorite fight scene of all time in it. Anyway, I figured since I got to relive that moment, let’s dig up my picks for the Top 5 best fight scenes of all time!

#5 – Hector vs Achilles (Troy)

It’s just not too often you get to see people fight with spears like this in movies, because it’s usually just fists and swords. So I figured I’d throw in a good spear fight, and they don’t get better than this one.

#4 – Blade vs Nomak (Blade 2)

There were a lot of good fight scenes in this movie, but this one really stuck out for me. It was the first time I saw CGI being seamlessly mixed in with live footage to display some really amazing over-the-top action. Nomak is flying high in the air to stomp on Blade, people are being flung around into high walls, and it never looked like the cheesy wire action in Hong Kong kungfu movies.

#3 – Michelle Yeoh vs that bitch-faced Asian actress that used to be famous (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon)

Here’s another weapons-based fight scene that really rocks: It’s Michelle Yeoh up against Zhang Ziyi, whom you may remember as being a potential A-lister before she fulfilled her true dreams of being a gold-digger. Dave had a major crush on her back then too. Anyway, the weapons in here are awesome. Zhang Ziyi has a pretty epic sword, and Michelle Yeoh has to use up half the armory to fight her. Plus it’s great to see her use so many different weapons in the same scene.

#2 – Jackie Chan vs his former bodyguard (Drunken Master II)

Okay, this probably should be the top spot, but this is my list and the other one has a special spot in my heart. Anyway, the Drunken Boxing style is fucking awesome because it’s so visual and looks great on film. The other guy has ridiculously long legs and kicks like a motherfucker. Plus he wears glasses… how often do you see a kungfu fighter wearing glasses? He’s also Jackie Chan’s former personal bodyguard, and if I could pick a bodyguard I’d probably go with that guy too.

#1 – Jackie Chan vs Mr Punchy & Mr Kicky (Who Am I?)

This final fight scene borrows a lot of elements from the Drunken Master scene, but I like this one better because it has him fighting against two hitmen. One of them punches a lot, and the other kicks a lot… and I dunno but I think that’s just so perfect for a final fight scene. It’s something out of a videogame. Plus it’s pretty funny too, and I love the little touches like how the Kickie guy starts take off his jacket and tie after watching his friend get his ass kicked. It doesn’t get more awesome than this. Especially for a mere $6.

I realize that Jackie Chan takes the top 2 spots and I’ve left Jet Li and Bruce Lee out, but like I said before, these are my favorites. If you guys have some suggestions, drop them into the comments below. I think you can even embed YouTube videos into them.

Jackie Chan's Who Am I

Jackie Chan vs Mr Kicky


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6 responses to “Top 5 Fight Scenes ever!

  • not a fucking penguin

    Really liked this post.

    I disliked crouching tiger hidden dragon, but that is one of two scenes in the entire movie that I can actually remember. The other scene is the one where ms gold digger wrecks the teahouse. I partially only remember that scene because of the hilarious “DZA ZOUP IZ DOO ZALTY” visa ads.

    I’m not very fond of Jacky Chan’s movies in general because he tends to put a little too much slapstick into them, I tend to like my martial art movies like the old Jet Li ones, where they’re all set in olden day China.

  • Drew

    My issue with Jet Li stuff is that it’s usually quite “wirey”. Those period kungfu flicks like Once Upon a time in China always emphasize all that flying kungfu stuff, and I’m not too fond of that.

    I wanted to include that scene where he beats up the karate school too, but I thought I’d focus on 1 vs 1 combat instead. Maybe I’ll do a followup post next week for Top 5 brawls.

  • Alvin

    1 vs 1 combat? Then you definitely have to watch the classic Bruce vs. Chuck fight from Way of the Dragon:

  • Alvin

    Or his son Brandon rocking some Jeet Kune Do:

    Matt Damon introducing the world to Filipino Kali (and doing some evil things with a ballpoint pen):

  • Boss_Anjo

    Troy and Blade 2??? This list disappoints me!

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