Pushing 40 Hottie of the week: Carla Gugino

A couple of weeks ago, we put up a Bon Jovi video starring the lovely Carla Gugino, also known as the hot momma from Spy Kids. Well, she’s just waaaaay too hot to be in a post that’s more about Bon Jovi’s hair, so here’s a full post full of Carla Gugino goodness.

DX gives me a lot of crap for thinking she was the hawtness in Spy Kids (what’s wrong with that, exactly?) but Carla has actually been in quite a few different movies. She was Jet Li’s wife in The One (I almost didn’t recognize her in this role, actually), somewhere in Night at the Museum (hidden behind all the dino bones and Robin Williams), and of course, she was walking around pretty much naked in Sin City. You gotta have noticed her there! Apparently she’s in Entourage now, but that dirty dude that was the douche in Devil Wears Prada really irks me so I didn’t even get through the first season.

She plays a porn star in Women in Trouble (how is it that I’ve not seen this movie?) and she’s getting a sequel that’s due out next year called Elektra Luxx. Well, gotta keep an eye out for those flicks for sure!

Anyway, she’s just turned 39 so she’s really pushing 40, but as you can see she’s still waaaay hotter than a lot of younger girls out there. So yeah, Carla Gugino – Revo Emag’s Pushing 40 Hottie of the Week.

PS The thumbnails for our image gallery suck! They’re completely cropped wrong… making me look like some boob-obsessed creep. Which I’m not! No, really!


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