What if the Japanese took over the Halo franchise?

As you might’ve noticed, the updates have been a bit sketchy lately, as I’ve been caught up in the whole Halo: Reach craze and trying to complete the campaign without either losing my job or my wife.

Anyway, you might know that Halo: Reach is the final game that creators Bungie will work on, and now the franchise is going to be passed on while they work on something entirely new.

So what should Microsoft now do with the franchise? Make yet another FPS? Don’t get me wrong – Halo: Reach is a pretty awesome game, but it really is still the same game (but better) that came out on the original Xbox nine years ago. They took a bit of a sidestep before with the release of Halo Wars, a console-based RTS set in the same universe, which was a moderate success.

Now they can do something else different with the franchise, and toss it to a Japanese studio to create a casual puzzle game to really “reach” out to the masses!

Halo Halo Pop

A new direction for the Halo franchise

Halo Halo Pop would be an awesome Match-3 puzzle game, with the UNSC and Convenant engaged in combat by matching jelly globs of the same color. How’s that for Combat Evolved? Creating combos will call in Pelican/Wraith strikes, depending on which side you’re on. If you manage to create a massive combo, it will trigger the Halo superweapon and nuke your opponent!

Creating large combos will activate the Halo superweapon

I think it’ll be a good way to attract new fans to the Halo franchise… especially those iPhone users. If you like this idea, email Microsoft and let them know that you want Halo Halo Pop as a Live Arcade title for the next Summer of Arcade!


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