Retro music video: Volcano Girls

I think I mentioned it already, and if I didn’t, it’s probably kinda obvious from my recent posts, but I’ve been on a 90’s rock nostalgia trip lately. Lots of Liz Phair, lots of L7, and now Veruca Salt. I think I first brought up Veruca Salt in a post about Nina Gordon a while back, but anyway she really rocked out hard when she was jamming with Louise Post. They had a few hit singles like Volcano Girls and Seether (a song which was stuck in my head when flying against the final boss in Wing Commander IV), but the video that I thought was really awesome was Volcano Girls.

Why? It opened with a wet dream sequence of Nina Gordon crawling around under the covers. Then it had the band rocking out on bungee cords. And the guitar solo was an extended crotch shot. All necessary elements for a rocking 90’s video.

Anyway, check it out. Now if that guitarist chick from Michael Jackson’s comeback tour really wants her career to take off, she should take note of this and start playing guitar solos with her crotch jammed towards a low angle camera.

Veruca Salt in the 90s

Veruca Salt in the 70s


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