Whatever happened to Roxette?

The other day, Jo and I were talking about 90s music while having dinner at a restaurant. Roxette was brought up, and we both got pretty excited talking about their old stuff, especially that epic video for Listen To Your Heart, which Jo absolutely loves to put on when we’re playing Lips on the Xbox. After dinner, we immediately went over to HMV to look for a Roxette CD (which we found, together with the latest Tegan and Sara CD for an awesome 2 for $40 deal).

It's like an alternate Glenn Close and Tim Burton

You guys remember Roxette, right? They were huge in the 90s! They were this Swedish duo consisting of a guy with funky hair and a guitar (Per Gessle), and a blond chick with boyish hair (Marie Fredricksson). They were pretty successful in Sweden, and but they didn’t really get noticed overseas. Apparently, some American exchange student in Sweden bought an album, brought it home and then passed it to some radio station in Minneapolis, and then that’s when things got kick-started for the band. There were a whole bunch of hit albums, like Joyride and Tourism, that lasted all the way to the late 90s. They were even the lead single from hit movie Pretty Woman, with It Must Have Been Love spending 17 weeks in the Top 40 charts, including two at the top spot.

Then after that, they seemingly disappeared.

I looked it up, and apparently they were releasing albums all the way up to the early 2000s, but stopped when they both pursued solo albums, and Marie had a brain tumor in 2002. It got removed, but the pair didn’t get together again after that.

Until 2009, that is.

Apparently they’ve been getting back together onstage for gigs in Europe, and might even do a new album together. Do I care? Not really… I mean, I stopped listening to them after the mid-90s, and as much as I love to rock out to their classic stuff, I just can’t imagine myself getting too excited about a Roxette reunion, much like I can’t get too excited about another Police Academy movie.

Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t totally love some of their songs (especially since most new music sucks). I’ve been wanting to edit a skate video set to Sleeping in my Car for the longest time!

Oh yeah, does anyone else think that Marie looks like a Heavy Metal version of Glenn Close? I mean, seriously…


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