Belinda Carlisle inspires trampy behavior

I know this girl who one day suddenly decides that she wants to move to a whole different part of the world, for no real reason other than she wants a change. It’s not because she’s going traveling, or soul-searching, or anything. She just wants to go away.

Belinda Carlisle teaches a whole generation of girls to have unreasonably high expectations

So she tells her boyfriend this, and then informs him that she wants them to take a temporary break from one another while she goes away for a year. Boyfriend suggests that they just outright break up then, but she goes ape shit over the notion. Why? Because she expects him to wait for him.

Now where did she get that idea that a guy should wait for her while she journeys far far away for no apparent reason? I’ll tell you where – it’s Belinda fucking Carlisle.

That Leave A Light On song of hers was a massive hit when it came out in ’89, and it’s no wonder then that this song would hold a massive influence under the impressionable young girls of that generation. Since the song is played endlessly at retro clubs these days, it’s gone on to inspire delusions of grandeur in a new generation of young girls.

I can’t explain, I don’t know
Just how far I have to go
But darling I’ll keep the key
Just leave a light on for me.”

Now that’s just messed up. She wants to go away for no reason, for an undisclosed amount of time, and yet she wants to keep the key. I don’t think any girl would do the same for a guy (except maybe the wives of those knights who went off to fight the Crusades), so why should any girl expect that of a guy?

These lyrics have dangerous suggestions in them, and are far more dangerous than the Satanic lyrics hidden in death metal songs because they’re hidden under catchy beats and her sweet voice.

Still, there are those promises to “give you all the love that you need” when she gets back… is that enough to get a guy to wait that long? Belinda Carlisle also has a pretty sweet rack to match her voice, so that does kinda make the offer a bit more enticing.

I don’t know… would you wait an indeterminable amount of time for Belinda Carlisle while she makes a completely random and unnecessary sabbatical?

Oh, in case you were wondering what happened with the girl in my story, she hooked up with some other guy less than a month after she went away, citing loneliness as a reason. Go figure.

Would you leave your light on for her?


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