Greg Kinnear: fake nice guy

Alden and I were talking about his douchey behavior recently, and one point that we both agree on is that as annoying as a douche can be, they’re still far better than fake nice people. You know what we’re talking about when we say “fake nice people”, right? It’s that guy that’s all preppy and clean-cut on the outside, acting all nice and decent, always wearing sensible polo shirts, playing extreme frisbee at the beach on weekends – but deep down inside, he’s a glass and a half of full-cream asshole.

Mr Fake Nice Guy

Yep, underneath that neat and trendy hair is a guy that would go and meet other other girls behind his girlfriend’s back, maybe lying even to himself with excuses like “oh it’s just lunch” but really it’s because he’s the douchiest of them all.

There’s a Hollywood actor who seems to dominate this role, and that’s Greg Kinnear.

I always remember him in roles like Meg Ryan’s boyfriend in You’ve Got Mail, or that sleazy professor who’s doing his student (Mena Suvari) on the side in Loser. He’s that clean-cut guy who always turns out to be the bad guy, or is bad in some way.

Then when we were watching Green Zone recently, the moment I saw his clean-cut character in a suit, I thought “wow that’s going to be the bad guy, right?” And yeah he’s the manipulative government suit.

I’m sure that he’s probably a really sincere nice guy in real life, but he plays the role so well.

So if you have a female friend who has a track record for attracting creeps like these, just put on a Greg Kinnear movie for her and tell her: “You’re dating that guy.”

If you really want, you can always set her up with Alden, who’s outwardly and unapologetically douchey.


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3 responses to “Greg Kinnear: fake nice guy

  • shotgun

    i always thot kinnear was like the NFL’s vikings/saints. he’s like the commendable underdog who got his “superbowl” in “As Good As It Gets” movin up from late late nite talk shows comedy to serious acting….

  • Drew

    Yeah he’s a bit of an underdog… but I can really only see him in that one kinda role though.

  • shotgun

    naw. supportive dad in little miss sunshine? then again yea, u shoulda seen him on Talk Soup. He could be pull off sarcastic jokes with a mile-wide-grin…. JUST LIKE Drew! 😀

    but still more of a underdog than fake nice guy. mebbe more nice guy but judgmental 😉

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