The only Glee post you’ll see on this blog

By now you’ll have realized that I really don’t like all that Glee stuff, and I probably dislike it more because my wife loves to play the Glee soundtracks on repeat whenever she’s in the car. Come to think of it, I’m the damned driver. Shouldn’t I get to pick the music?

Hands where I can see them!

Anyway, a few of the Glee cast members just appeared on the recent issue of GQ, and wow there’s quite an uproar over it. Because they’re supposed to be kids in high school, parents have taken offense to these clean cut singing and dancing non-Disney Mouseketeers appearing in highly sexy poses in panties and knee-length socks. Some people go as far as calling it “borderline pedophilia”.

Socks are awesome

And what happens when parents get into an uproar? Magazines sell more, and the pictures appear all over the Internet, much to the further displeasure of the parents. Well, just because these pictures are already appearing everywhere else on the Internet, shouldn’t stop them from appearing here too, right?

Pom poms are also awesome

Dianna Agron, the actress that plays the blonde cheerleader Quinn on the show has apologized to the public for these photos. But you know what I think? The only thing she should apologize for is the fact that she’s young and hot, and the uncomfortable parents that are complaining are not! Cos this sexy school girl shtick worked out in a major way for Britney Spears, and there’s no fucking reason why the Glee cast shouldn’t milk it too.

You remember that video, right? In case you don’t, check it out below, you pervert!

And now, because this is the photo you’ve been waiting for, here’s Lea Michelle looking extremely hot and licking a lollipop. Remember, both Lea and Dianna are 24, so you can spank away without feeling any guilt.

Your life would suck without seeing her suck on a lollipop


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