Bitch fight with yo-yos

When I was in the army, I was totally into yo-yos. It just so happened to coincide with a yo-yo resurgence at the time, I guess. I was also really into the whole Japanese schoolgirl thing at the time too, with those long fluffy socks and Sailor Moon skirts and shit. Never in my most drunk-fucked moments could I ever imagine those two concepts being combined into one crazy fetish, but I didn’t have to… someone else already did that.

It’s like Catwoman, but Asian, and armed with a red tie and yo-yo.

This is Yo-Yo Girl Cop. That title pretty much describes the movie, as much as Snakes on a Plane does. Apparently it’s based on some manga series that was created in the 70s, but I wouldn’t know that. I wouldn’t even know of this movie’s existence if I didn’t stumble across it while browsing around for random fight scenes. That’s right, A FIGHT SCENE.

Asian Rihanna with a yo-yo?

So what do we have here? It’s a young Asian chick in a skintight leather suit, with a fetish red tie and a fucking yo-yo. She’s some jail-bait rebellious delinquent, who’s fighting crime with a toy that not only acts as a weapon, but probably a bondage tool as well.

If that wasn’t kinky enough for you, she fights another Asian chick dressed in an outfit that’s either a hooker outfit or one of Rihanna’s costumes, also armed with a yo-yo. And this particular yo-yo comes with retractable razor blades. To top it off, she’s got serious bitch-face action going.

I mean, seriously… spank away right now!

What other warped fetish could you possibly need to grow some wood?

Well, I guess some of you are already desensitized to this stuff, with the amount of tentacle rapes you’ve seen in your time, so the Japanese film industry already has the answer for you:

A soft-core porno version of this movie, creatively entitled Yo-Yo Sexy Cop Girl. Check out the poster below (complete with upskirt), and then by all means, spank away.

Can’t get enough upskirt action, can you?


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3 responses to “Bitch fight with yo-yos

  • Flinthart

    I’m gonna guess you didn’t know that the humble yo-yo toy actually started life as a weapon. It was a Phillipino thing. And yes, the edges were sharp.

  • Drew

    No, I didn’t! You learn something new every day!

  • not a fucking penguin

    the manga is known as sukeban deka. the bits used your post come from sukeban deka 3, released in 2006. it’s awesome, because it has aya matsuura (top image). rika ishikawa is the next image, and ex-AV star mihiro is in the bottom image

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