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Balrog: Behind the Glory

I’m not a Street Fighter fan. I’m really not. I like Mortal Kombat, I like Dead or Alive, and I like Virtua Fighter. But not SF.

Classic Balrog!

But you know what, that videogame franchise sure does have a hell of a backstory (even if most of it involves a kungfu hobo who drifts around the world without any shoes on), and here’s a fanfilm that takes one of the classic characters and really elaborates on his history.

What’s so awesome about this video is the way it really looks like a documentary, with really good acting, and just when you think it’s too much like a real documentary, they have those little moments where they would slip in some Street Fighter references for gamers to chuckle over.

Check it out, it’s Balrog: Behind the Glory!

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A Star Wars porn parody

It’s pretty much spreading all across the internet that a new Vivid porn video is coming out soon, parodying the original Star Wars movie. It’s got Allie Haze as Princess Leia (gee, I wonder how they’re going to parody that name?), a whole bunch of Femtroopers, and a guy that really does look like Luke Skywalker.

Without further adieu, here’s the totally SFW teaser trailer:

While Star Wars porn in itself is already newsworthy, what I think is even more compelling is how good this looks. I mean, seriously:

  1. The production values look pretty damn good.
  2. The jokes are funnier than most high-budget Hollywood parody movies (fuck you, Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg).
  3. It seems to have a better grasp on the original Star Wars mythology than the prequel trilogy.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if this wasn’t porn, this would probably be more successful on the mainstream market than that Clone Wars series on the Cartoon Network.

Allie Haze and Axel Braun

Director Axel Braun and star Allie Haze

Allie Haze as Princess Leia

It’s just so damn amazing that the porn industry is taking the Star Wars mythology more seriously than Hollywood. I’d wager that you’ll probably find a whole bunch of jokes in there that make references to obscure Star Wars trivia. Maybe not as hardcore geeky as the Robot Chicken or Family Guy stuff, but somewhere around there. That said, if this production takes off, maybe Axel Braun should be given a job directing something that doesn’t have to include a sex scene every five minutes. At least give him a shot at some short films, right?

Ah well, that’s just the sort of “know-how” adventurous spirit that’s kept the porn industry going. True they do rehash ideas as much as Hollywood, but they are also always trying to break new ground and doing new stuff to keep the audience interested. They backed the VHS and DVD formats, and aren’t afraid to push the envelope with some really disgusting and depraved ideas. While you don’t have to endorse midget interracial porn or some of the more extreme ideas they have, but you gotta give them credit for having the balls to do so.

Maybe it’s cos their stuff requires lower budgets and risks, but damnit why can’t Hollywood do the same and support more cheap but refreshingly new indie films? Why must we be bombarded with so many Seltzer and Friedberg flicks?

Anyhow, here’s some behind the scenes stuff from the Star Wars XXX flick.

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