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Life Lessons learned from The Sims

The Sims is a game that is really close to my heart. Ever since I borrowed the first game from my friend Simon a decade ago, this franchise has been with me and grown up with me. Aside from just the obvious fun factor of living out fantasy lives and creating scandals and drama in a neighborhood, the Sims was a way to reflect on my own life in its various stages, and see it from a different perspective.

Here are a few things I learned from The Sims, going in chronological order:

The Sims 1 – Get your life and home in order.

The Sims

A clean household is important!

When I first started playing The Sims, I was in college, living in an apartment away from my parents’ home for the first time. Then, I had a level of freedom which I just didn’t have before. I could eat whenever and whatever I wanted to, sleep in, skip breakfast, eat crappy cereal for dinner, and so forth. My daily routine was completely random, and the uneven meals and sleeping habits probably wasn’t the best way to treat my body.

If you re-enact that in The Sims, you’ll end up with a bad dysfunctional family who won’t go up the career ladder very far. They’ll be whinging and complaining all the time about being hungry, or throw tantrums about being stinky and unhygienic all the time. The friend that lent me the game had actually complained that he hated the game for this reason: Sims just can’t seem to get much done everyday.

However, I managed to work out a way to maximize their time, by making sure that they got up early, and started the day with a proper breakfast and shower. In managing their time to an ideal schedule, I realize just how messed up my own routine was, so I started taking notes from my Sims and trying to control my own daily schedule in the same way. It led to a more fulfilling lifestyle, where I didn’t just spend my time either at uni or playing The Sims.

Another thing I learned was basic housekeeping. Before I played The Sims, I didn’t make my bed. When a light-bulb fizzles out in my apartment, I was too lazy to fix it immediately, and would just leave it be until enough light-bulbs pop that I’m left completely in darkness. It made for a pretty dreary place to live, and it wasn’t until I saw how much a shit-hole home could affect the Sims that I decided to be more pro-active in keeping my home clean and properly lit.

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