A bad day for train commuters

The big news in Singapore right now is the big SMRT debacle, when trains in the city have been breaking down repeatedly during one of the most popular shopping periods of the year. The power went out, and it got so stuffy in the trains that someone had to smash a window with a fire extinguisher.

Smashed window on the MRT.

People on the Internet are understandably angry, and have been calling for the SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa to admit her errors, step down, or maybe commit seppuku as penance.

While this breakdown is a pretty big deal, it isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you while commuting on the train. Check out these train rides that are guaranteed to put a bigger downer on your day than the power going out for a few hours.

Batman Begins

So you’re on your way home for the evening, and then suddenly Qui-Gon Jinn hijacks your train and loads it up with some giant device that’s going to unleash Scarecrow’s fear gas all over the city. That’s bad. Then Batman turns up, beats the crap out of him, and then Gordon blows up the rail lines with the Tumbler (aka the new Batmobile) and the train comes tumbling down (no pun intended).

Spiderman 2

It’s a regular day in the city, and you’re probably headed out to lunch. Suddenly a giant octopus man rips the controls apart and sends the train over to impending doom. And the only person that can stop the train and save everyone is a guy who shoots webs out of his hands. Webs. Spiderwebs are going to somehow stop a train.

Modern Warfare 3

You’re standing on a train platform, patiently waiting for your train. Suddenly, the PA system starts telling you that there’s a disturbance on the tracks and the train schedule might be affected. You get pissed off, and you wait. The PA repeats its message, with no clarification on what’s delaying the trains. You wait even longer, and you get more pissed off. Then a train full of Russian terrorists zooms by, trading gunfire and rockets with a pick-up truck full of bitter, trigger-happy renegade spec-ops soldiers.


Now we’re in a country-side train, and two crazed gunmen start “curving bullets” around your head. And when you think everything’s better, Angelina Jolie crashes a car into the train.


This is probably the tamest of the bunch as it’s just some ninjas fighting thugs on a train, but imagine you’re the handicapped guy at 2:31. If getting your peaceful train ride interrupted by thugs wasn’t bad enough, you also get your crutch snatched from you by a ninja-girl. And furthermore, she’s not even that good looking.

Hobbies include stealing crutches from handicapped people


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