The Hobbit and Dark Knight Rises – two boring trailers

Two new trailers hit us recently, and as much as I want to watch these movies, the trailers really really suck.

I’m talking about The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises. It’s like, they really didn’t put any effort into making these interesting at all. It’s like some marketing exec just said: “Fuck effort. People will watch these movies anyway… let’s just dump some cool looking shots together and call it a day. Now let’s go snort some coke!”

Two boring-assed trailers

Halfway through the Hobbit’s trailer, it’s really just some guys caroling. Is that supposed to make me want to watch the movie?

The Dark Knight Rises trailer is worse – it’s really just a sampling of random dialogue that reveals nothing about the plot, plus one really cool shot of a football field collapsing behind a guy scoring a touchdown. I mean, that shot is really fucking cool. But it also tells me nothing about the movie, except that there’s going to be a scene in a football stadium.

Anyway, here are the trailers. I’m going to watch these movies anyway, cos I know they’re going to rock… but still that’s no excuse to skimp on the trailers.


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