The Phat Loot in the Borderlands 2 Limited Edition pack

Borderlands is a game about scoring loot. Lots and lots of it.

So it should be of no surprise then that the Limited Edition package of Borderlands 2, also known as the Ultimate Loot Chest Edition, comes with a crapload of stuff to be enjoyed both in-game and in real life. Just look at this stuff!

You’re going to have to steal a shopping trolley to bring all this stuff back home!

Here’s a list of what it has:

  1. A copy of the game (naturally)
  2. A Marcus Kincaid bobble-head
  3. A scaled replica of the red loot chest – which looks freakin’ amazing
  4. Steelbook case – nothing special these days
  5. A hardcover art book – which looks like some pretty high quality stuff (and I want this so bad!)
  6. Creatures of Pandora ID chart – maybe you can mount them on and put them on your wall
  7. Field notes from Sir Hammerlock – erm, yeah whatever
  8. Collector sticker set
  9. Digital comic download code
  10. Bonus downloadable in-game content
  11. Numbered certificate of authenticity – so you can get that same warm feeling when you buy a replica lightsaber or a limited edition Van Gogh painting (cos those are amazingly limited)

Borderlands 2 hits Singapore on September 21, 2012, and zero pricing or pre-order details are available yet.


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