Spiderman looks AMAZING in 3D

I have to admit… I wasn’t very impressed by the trailers for the upcoming Amazing Spiderman movie. I wasn’t hopped up on the idea of a reboot in the first place, and the trailers did nothing to change my mind.

But then last, while watching a preview of Men in Black 3, I saw the trailer in 3D – and THAT was freakin’ amazing.

(This isn’t the trailer I saw last night, but it’s the closest I could find to it on YouTube)

Those shots of Spidey swinging through the streets of Manhattan and crawling up walls just looks amazing in 3D. Yeah, he does kind of look a bit like a miniature toy in those scenes (the same way Optimus looks like a toy truck in the aerial shots in Transformers 3), but still the sense of speed and exhilaration is magnified by the 3D – it’s just breath-taking!

And those POV shots in the teaser trailer that look  like something out of that video game Mirror’s Edge? There were glimpses of those in 3D and they look sweet!

And that’s why I’m definitely going to watch this movie in 3D now. No cheesy tossing something at the camera for a cheap 3D thrill shots (well, maybe one or two of those), and lots of shots that are well-thought out and offer something new to the 3D experience… that sounds like a recipe for a fun time!


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