GI Joe Retaliation pushed to 2013!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kinda distressed that GI Joe Retaliation is being pushed – not by a few weeks, not by a few months, but all the way into next year! Yes folks, you will not be seeing Snake Eyes kick ass until March 2013!

This news is actually hitting me kinda hard. I’ll go on record and admit that I’m one of those guys that was really looking forward to this new movie.

Yes, the first movie was a bit of a turd but I still kinda enjoyed it, even if it didn’t even look like a GI Joe movie and had Marlon Wayons in it (stealing Scarlett away from Snake Eyes, for fuck’s sake!).

A Cobra Commander that looks like Cobra Commander – how novel!

But look at the screenshots for this new movie. It’s got The Rock in it. Snake Eyes has ditched that ridiculous facial camel-toe from his cyber-ninja costume (those lips were a design choice on par with nipples on the Bat suit!). Cobra Commander actually looks like Cobra Commander!

Furthermore, it was written by the guys that wrote Zombieland! I loved that movie!

I think what’s bugging me the most about this news is the reason that they’re delaying the movie: to post-convert the movie to 3D. Gawd I hate it when they do that. The amount of dough that the Avengers raked in has convinced Paramount that releasing GI Joe a week ahead of other 3D movie The Amazing Spider-Man would be a bad idea. Maybe so, but to dump in more money to post-convert it AND push it back by 9 months is a pretty bad idea too, right?

Snake Eyes is glad to remove the camel-toe from his face

Another reason I was really looking forward to this is also one the main reasons I love watching Peter Berg movies: the chance to see someone from Friday Night Lights (the TV show) on the big screen. In this case, it would be Adrianne Palicki (Tyra Collette in FNL).

Palicki was one of the best reasons to watch FNL, and sadly she hasn’t been in anything good since. Legion was a terrible movie, and that ill-fated Wonder Woman TV show rightfully didn’t go past the pilot stage. I mean, seriously? Wonder Woman as a corporate exec by day?

GI Joe Retaliation should be her first decent role since FNL… but now we’re not going to know for sure until next year.

This news has got me seeing red!

Interesting sidenote: One of Adrianne Palicki’s earlier roles was in Supernatural, as Sam Winchester’s (played by Jared Padalecki) girlfriend – the one that gets killed by demons in the pilot episode.

If in some alternate universe, the two actors got married, her name would be Adrianne Palicki-Padalecki. That’d be great, right?


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2 responses to “GI Joe Retaliation pushed to 2013!

  • SPNfreaks

    I actually went here cause of the last paragraph. I was thinking about Adrianne Palicki-Padalecki too if she and Jared got married unfortunately, Ruby is Sam’s wife now. I mean Genevieve is Jared’s wife. It’d be a really cool name though. I agree! 😀 haha

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