A poignant moment, starring JCVD

Did you guys watch JCVD? It’s a movie starring Van Damme as himself, in a self-referential situation where he is an old washed-up actor who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when he stumbles into a robbery and is taken hostage.

It has a similar premise to Bruce Campbell’s My Name is Bruce, because the plot plays heavily on the fact that they’re washed-up action heroes who are now struggling through life. Everyone assumes that they’re the same awesome guys in the movies, and everyone wants them to save the day.

Anyway, while I loved the idea behind these movies, neither of them tackled it particularly well – though they definitely had their moments.

For JCVD, it came in the form of a short monologue in the middle of the movie, where Jean Claude Van-Damme breaks the fourth wall and starts to address the audience directly and opens up emotionally.

I can’t stress enough how awesome this monologue was, because it was astoundingly real and from the heart – the emotion is so raw that you just can’t stop listening to him.

The whole movie might have pacing issues (I must admit I dozed off a little), but this scene definitely is a must-watch. Just so you don’t have to sit through the movie, here’s the scene for your enjoyment.

Lots of people have said that this scene alone should’ve nabbed him an Oscar nomination, and I totally agree!

Sadly, My name is Bruce didn’t have such an emotional scene, but it did have quite a few laughs… though not as many as I was expecting.

Guan Yu, patron saint of Chinese cops

The big moment for that movie was this silly song about the antagonist of the movie, a demon-god named Guan Di that was obviously modeled after Guan Yu, a famous hero of Chinese history and major character in the Dynasty Warriors videogames.

My gawd this song was hilarious and just so incredibly random. Wifey doesn’t really know who Bruce Campbell is (she’s not an Evil Dead fan) so the movie didn’t really grab her attention, but every time this song came up she’d have her eyes and ears glued to the TV.


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