New Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter trailer!

I love vampire movies, which is probably the same reason why I detest those Twilight movies.

Anyway, Edward Cullen doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s great that we can now add one more person to the list of people we’d like to see kill Edward: Abraham Lincoln.

The trailers just keep getting better and better, and this new one looks just amazing!

Abraham Lincoln could possibly kill Edward Cullen in Singapore cinemas on 5th July 2012. Hopefully he’ll do it, where Angel, Buffy, Blade, and so many others failed.


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2 responses to “New Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter trailer!

  • Stan Vee


    I may have made your dream come true! : )

    check out this video I made showcasing Abe Lincoln kicking all those sissy vampire’s asses – including Edward Cullen!

    Timur even just tweeted about it a couple days ago !

    Anyways, enjoy – We all knew Cullen had it coming all along.


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