Fairuza Balk – psycho goth hottie

Back in the day, I had a sort of goth phase. The Crow was an amazing movie (and still is), I hated society and the world, and I was into death metal music.

But even the most hateful of haters have soft spots for pretty girls, and for me, the ultimate psycho goth hottie was Fairuza Balk.

A lot of people are going dispute that Fairuza Balk can be described as a hottie, but I think she’s attractive. The problem is that most of her roles around then centered around being a witch or a neo-Nazi… and almost always covered in dark makeup. That makes her appear pretty skanky and trashy to a lot of people, I guess. And she also does tend to wield a knife like a crazy woman a lot… and she’s very good at stretching her mouth into a psychotic grin or snarl.

That’s probably why there aren’t that many pictures of her on the Internet…

But hey, she was in American History X, The Waterboy, Almost Famous, and of course, the Craft – these are pretty awesome movies and she plays the psycho goth chick role really well. I guess after the Wicca trend faded out, she didn’t appear in that many movies any more.

Still, I think she’s pretty hot! And apparently there’s this scene in Bad Lieutenant: Port of call New Orleans:


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