New Dredd images

I don’t know about you guys, but I am psyched about the upcoming Dredd movie. I loved the crap out of that comic when I was a kid, and I still like to flip through the old comics now.

After the 1995 Stallone movie really messed things up with Rob Schneider and Dredd’s helmet-less face, the franchise seemed to be doomed for Hollywood death. When they announced a new movie, you couldn’t help but be skeptical.

But check out this pic:

That’s pretty much setting the right tone for a Dredd movie. How so?

Well you can’t see his face for starters! Dredd was a helmet with a mouth and chin, like Robocop. To put a face on him was like… well… just not right. The new star Karl Urban has confirmed that the helmet stays on throughout the movie too!

Even John Wagner, creator of Dredd, had a bunch of good things to say about this film so far:

“I went up to London yesterday to see the completed Dredd film. I’ve had reservations about certain aspects of it, and made them plain to the team at DNA. All but one of them – a little quibble at the beginning – have been addressed. And what a lot they’ve added. Music is on the button. SFX are excellent. Filming is impressive. I’ve not seen a modern 3-D movie before but I like it. I found myself reaching out trying to touch things that were dancing before my eyes.

Karl is a great Dredd and Olivia gets Anderson completely. This is Dredd as it should be done – true to character, visceral, unrelentingly violent (but not off-puttingly so). It will open, I believe, sometime in September. No doubt you’ll let me know what you think when you’ve seen it, but this has my recommendation.”


What do you think of the new Law-giver?

Dredd should be due out in Singapore around 27th September 2012.



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