Magic Mike Red Band trailer

On August 9 2012 (aka National Day), ovaries all across Singapore are going to spontaneously combust!

While the politicians and army boys are gathered around in a parade that will be remarkably reminiscent of last year’s and the year before’s, Channing Tatum, Matthew McConnaughey and their band of merry men will be flinging their schlongs around for the pleasure of unsatisfied Singaporean women across the country.

Once they see that silhouetted shot at 0:45 in the trailer, they’ll be craving for foot-long sandwiches at Subway – I wonder if there’s any kind of joint promotion between Golden Village and Subway? Somebody in their marketing teams must have thought of that, right?

Sadly for the ladies, the movie will not be in 3D.

And when the credits roll and you return to your boyfriends, try to remember that his is “a good size”.


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2 responses to “Magic Mike Red Band trailer

  • amandameetsbook

    Wow. That was . . . boring. Seriously. It looks so awful. Why Matthew McConnaughey? I mean, he just doesn’t scream “stripper” does he? Channing Tatum I can understand, I’m pretty sure he really was a stripper at some point.

    • drewpan

      Apparently, Magic Mike is based on Channing Tatum’s experiences as a male stripper.

      And Matthew McConnaughey just doesn’t appear in anything with a shirt on. If you ever watch Surfer, Dude (and you really shouldn’t cos it’s terrible) he walks around topless the entire time.

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