The Boring-est Man In Hollywood: Sam Worthington

Hi, guys. Drew’s currently on vacation in Australia, so I’m afraid you guys will have to make do with me. My sincere apologies.

Over the past couple of years, only two leading men have failed to completely grasp my interest in whatever film they were starring in. They are:

  • Channing Tatum
  • Sam Worthington

This year however, Channing Tatum came out of nowhere and knocked it out of the park in the hilarious remake of 21 Jump Street.

It was really pretty much the first time I’ve seen Tatum in anything remotely compelling so it was a total surprise to me that he could act and be funny. So, that left pretty much one man on my shit-list…Sam Worthington.

I saw him in two movies this year. They were “Man On A Ledge” and “Wrath Of The Titans”.

Oh man. They were not very fun movies to sit through. The former was just a mess, while the latter, despite being a movie about Greek Gods waging war on each other, was just… plain boring. I couldn’t buy him being a dad, I wasn’t laughing and every time Sam spoke I nearly dozed off. While, that could be the fault of the movies and not entirely Sam’s fault, I couldn’t help but think… “What happened to this guy?”, while I was watching them.

It doesn’t look like he’s doing anything wrong, he’s certainly not overacting, that’s for sure. I don’t know how to put it, actually. This guy knows better.

He’s just kinda… there. Not emoting… not charming the socks off you. Not doing anything. People are really down on him. It’s gotten pretty bad to the point where a close friend of mine walked out of the theater basically saying “F*** Sam Worthington, I’m done with him.” after “Wrath”. Bland is the correct word here. His blandness is making people walk out of cinemas. His lack of any on screen personality is making me dread going to the movies…

Wasn’t he poised to break out after 2009, coming off a year in which he was the lone bright spot in the rather abysmal “Terminator: Salvation” and the money printing machine that was “Avatar”? What the hell happened? Does anybody in the world like Sam Worthington anymore? And are they not embarrassed enough to say it?


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