Chernobyl Diaries is just around the corner

I’ve been hearing tons of good stuff about Oren Peli, who created the smash hit Paranormal Activity. However, due to an acute case of being a scared little pussy, I’m allergic to movies involving ethereal spirits and long-haired Japanese girls in white dresses… so I’m never going to watch Paranormal Activity.

However, I am completely okay with radioactive mutant Russians, so I’m really looking forward to Peli’s new movie, Chernobyl Diaries, about a bunch of tourist kids who decide that a visiting an abandoned radioactive city is much more fun than surfing in Bali.

I’ve just been invited to a sneak preview next week, so I’m even more psyched now!

The movie hits Singapore July 12, 2012.

PS Why are all Hollywood Russians named Yuri? And also, when is it ever a good idea to approach a creepy little girl from behind?

This is an insanely bad idea!


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