Total Recall is not out yet, but the trailer finally is!

Most movies have a teasers and trailers, but Total Recall has had a teaser trailer for the teaser trailer, and now it’s finally dropped a trailer-trailer too!

Check it out, it’s got people falling through roofs, people falling down elevator shafts, and cars falling off highways. It should’ve been called Total FreeFall.

I’m sure a whole lot of you are excited for the three-boobed prostitute, but I’m pretty disappointed that nobody uttered the classic “Get your ass to Mars!” line, nor did Colin Farrell ever go “ARRRRGHGHGHGH” like he was Conan the Barbarian.

Total Recall drops into Singapore August 2, 2012.

Update: My sister just commented that falling is supposed to wake you up from a dream… therefore, it can be safe to assume that in this version of Total Recall, the whole adventure is probably real. Smart kid, my sister!


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4 responses to “Total Recall is not out yet, but the trailer finally is!

  • dxtehsecks

    The absence of that line would be because this one doesn’t involve Mars at all!

    • drewpan

      Yeah, and that’s why it just feels so weird without it! I really want this to be good because this year has seen some pretty good reboots (Spider-Man and the upcoming XCOM game), but I’m just not so sure about Total Recall right now…

  • amandameetsbook

    As long as the movie can pull off the stunts and just be badass, I don’t care about it being all a dream. Movies like that are just meant to be fun an to make you trip balls.

    • drewpan

      I dunno… it does look like it’s taking itself a bit too seriously. It’s not going to have any lines like “Consider this a divorce” or “Screw you, Benny!”

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