Mary Lynn Rajskub wants the Good Life back

So we were lamenting our lives of quiet desperation, and I looked up Weezer’s The Good Life on YouTube. Haven’t seen it before? Here it is!

Anyway, that pizza delivery girl looked oddly familiar to me, so I looked it up on Wikipedia and lo and behold, she was like a big star in 24, from season 3 onwards… AKA the seasons I never bothered watching.

Her name’s Mary Lynn Rajskub, and the directors of The Good Life’s music video (Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris) were so happy with working with her that they cast her in their debut film Little Miss Sunshine. Incidentally, Dayton and Faris also directed the upcoming Ruby Sparks, which I’m dying to watch.

Mary Lynn Rajskub – auditioning for Tomb Raider, maybe?

Rajskub would then go on to appear in a whole bunch of movies and TV shows, including as Chloe O’Brien in 24, and roles in Sunshine Cleaning, Legally Blonde 2, and Sweet Home Alabama.

Oddly enough, although I have seen a few of these movies, I don’t remember her in them. I think I must’ve thought the pizza delivery girl in The Good Life was someone else… probably Emily Watson.

Update: Oh yeah, she was also the actress in Kirk’s short film in The Gilmore Girls. THE GILMORE GIRLS! Now that’s a claim to fame!


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