Ethan Hawke is haunted by the TV

So I just watched Chernobyl Diaries last night (will write a proper review soon), and I was a little bit disappointed.

But this new Ethan Hawke movie called Sinister might just be the horror movie to score big. Check it out… even the trailer is creepy as hell! It’s got all the elements you need: creepy kids, old 8mm film, and Ethan Hawke’s facial hair.

Sinister hits Singapore sometime in October 2012.


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4 responses to “Ethan Hawke is haunted by the TV

  • amandameetsbook

    Oh my god. I couldn’t even watch that whole trailer. That means the movie is going to be awesome! Excited nerd RIGHT HERE!

    • drewpan

      I certainly hope the trailer didn’t give away all the good bits! The recent horror I watched, Chernobyl Diaries, was definitely guilty of that. The biggest scare in the movie was given away in the trailer.

  • amandameetsbook

    That’s a bummer about the Chernobyl Diaries! It’s the little girl part, isn’t it? I hate it when trailers do that to a film. What’s even worse is when a trailer makes a film look like it’s something totally different than what it is. And usually, had the film just been accurately depicted through the trailer it would have been ok. But when you go into a movie thinking it’s a comedy and it ends up being a “life lesson” movie, it can ruin the whole thing.

    • drewpan

      That’s so true! I absolutely hate it when a studio’s marketing department either doesn’t understand a film or decides that the consumer response will be stronger if they decided to market a film differently from what it actually is.

      It just totally throws your expectations awry!

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