NiGHTS HD to hit XBLA, PSN and PC

Remember that boy/girl that you used to hang out with back in school, and the two of you had the biggest crush on each other and figured that you’d get married when you’re older, have lots of babies and live happily ever after? Remember how you went to separate colleges after school, and then quickly drifted apart as your lives went in completely different directions?

I’m sure you remember that, because you probably can’t stop talking about how awesome he/she was and think back fondly about those times.

Well, Sega, in all their infinite goodness, has made an announcement on the Sega Blog that is pretty much the equivalent of bringing this person back… in HD!

NiGHTS into Dreams, the much-loved classic on the Sega Saturn, is being remade and ported to XBLA, PSN, and PC! This is great news for tons of people, including myself, because quite frankly it’s a frustrating experience trying to get a Sega Saturn emulator to work on a PC.

Newer gamers probably won’t remember NiGHTS, or might have only played the terrible sequel on the Nintendo Wii… but this is a game you absolutely HAVE to play. There aren’t any guns and aliens, but there is something innately magical about the NiGHTS experience that will give you a genuine feeling of warmth and joy that you just don’t get with many games.

I distinctly remember that there were times in this game that I’d get so into the zone that I swear I experienced what the samurai refer to as muga, when thought and action are as one. In digital terms, it’s like a zero ping between your brain and your fingers.

I was playing really well without actively thinking, and it was a beautiful feeling that I didn’t experience again until I unlocked that 50-hit Perfect Freeflow 2.0 achievement in Arkham City.

Nay-sayers might have a lot of criticism for the early-gen 3D graphics, even with the HD makeover, but to that I once again apply the nostalgic crush example. If he/she appeared on your doorstep, with more wrinkles and older eyes, but with the same personality and warmth that you fell in love with all those years ago, would you really care?


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