The Robocop remake’s ED-209 is fugly

Okay, let’s just get this straight: the original Robocop movies is one of my favorite films of all time. My dad took me to see it when I was a kid, and although I didn’t get all the social commentary in it, I loved it then. Now that I’m old and a teeny bit smarter, I love it even more.

Furthermore, ED-209 is my absolute favorite robot design of all time! I love the guy! I got into animation partly because someday, I wanna help bring a robot like that to life with all that humor and personality.

So when I saw the shots of the new ED-209 design for the Robocop reboot, needless to say I was beyond devastated. I thought this was a Jose Padilha movie, not a Michael Bay movie!

THIS is the new ED-209? It looks like it should transform into a racist van!

The original ED-209 wasn’t just a scary looking mech with machineguns… it was an iconic robot that had a face without an actual face, and could convey personality without ridiculously eyebrows and lips (why would a robot need lips?).

And even with it’s clean streamlined design (looking like an 80’s car) it still has enough moving bits to let an animator really go nuts with it, like those moving bits where its knees would be. I’d love to animate something like ED-209! Check out the awesome way it moves.

And those sounds… wow the sound designers really earned their pay with the whiney noises and stuff. You could hear ED-209’s sounds and recognize it – it’s as distinctive as R2D2’s beeps, really.

I doubt the remake’s ED-209 will be as awesome as this one. It probably won’t have that classic stair scene either. I could watch this scene again and again!

Gawd I love ED-209!


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