Pixels and Bad Toys is coming to a cinema near you!

I think everyone can agree that Adam Sandler has been making some pretty terrible movies lately… and this is coming from a guy who LOVES the hell out of his early films.

However, his Happy Madison production company has been making some pretty nice movies. Grandma’s Boy was amazingly funny, and the first Deuce Bigelow wasn’t that bad at all.

Next up for Happy Madison Films is picking up cool Internet short films and converting them into big movies. They’re already in the process of adapting Pixels (a short about retro videogames invading New York and turning it into Pixels), and they’ve recently acquired the rights for Bad Toys 2 (about using toys to recreate the carnage of a Michael Bay movie).

You can see those two extremely funny videos below:

Honestly, I can’t wait. These two were amazing, and I think putting them on the big screen will a terrific idea, and it sure beats watching another comedian cross-dress in a split screen shot.


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