A new Rise of the Triad? No way!

Of all the game to remake, I never thought they’d choose to remake Rise of the Triad.

Back in the day, this game gave me serious amounts of motion sickness, because it would throw you in the air with crazy trampolines and stuff. That, and the really dark Wolfenstein 3D-ish graphics made it an incredible eye-strain.

Seriously, just check out the gameplay in the original and tell me you’re not getting a headache just watching it.

Still, it was fun because you had tons of rocket weapons to play with, which blows up those bad guys into tiny gibblets, and I think it was one of the first few games to allow dual-wielding pistols in a FPS. It was also one of the first in giving you the choice to select different characters that actually played somewhat differently.

Oh, I just remembered that the enemies can duck and roll too!

The different player characters in the original Rise of the Triad


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