Review: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

I saw this movie over the weekend, and I must say… it is utterly soulless.

This is one of the most cliched and boring movies I’ve ever seen, and there wasn’t a single moment of genuine emotion in it. Every pretense of a plot point or emotional moment was based on cliches and the desperate hope that it’ll remind you of a similar but better executed scene in another movie.

“Hey you’re roughly my age, and of an appropriately opposite gender. We should fall in love!”

The strained relationship between the main character and his dad? They really glossed over that, didn’t they? Is that one line “Dad, I don’t understand your fishing metaphors” really enough to carry this entire subplot?

The comparison of the father/son relationship with the cop and his kid? The cop saying “I LOVE MY SON” every five minutes doesn’t exactly sell a loving relationship.

The romance between the main character and the girl? Why? They’ve got no chemistry… they just so happened to be the only two characters in the same age bracket – giving this relationship about as much romance as a Pakistani arranged marriage.

And what was with that last act? It was like the pod-race in Episode 1… a chase scene that just goes on and on and on with no end or variation.

Come to think of it, why would food or a machine that makes food suddenly develop sentience?

The food looked great, but as Ratatouille showed us, you can have a movie with both great-looking food and a good story.

And a personal gripe of mine, the animation felt really stilted and stiff. I’m sure it’s a style or something, but it definitely wasn’t a style I’d like to see again.

There were two saving graces for this movie:

  1. The food looked amazing and I was craving burgers the entire time I was watching it.
  2. They didn’t insert a lot of pointless pop-culture references that would make the movie obsolete in a few years (a la Monsters vs Aliens).

But just two… against a laundry list of gripes.


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