Gambit and Rogue – the most romantic movie of the year

Now that movies like The Dark Knight Rises have proven to Hollywood that not all super-hero movies have to be campy action movies with ice-skating rinks and giant penguins, I think it’s time for super-hero movies to evolve even more and expand to other genres.

My first pitch would be a rom-com about Gambit and Rogue, the tragic couple in the X-Men series. Here’s my pitch for it:

Gambit and Rogue, X-Men

Gambit and Rogue’s story makes for a great rom-com!

Gambit is a lovable scoundrel (probably played by Ben Affleck) who lives a carefree drifter lifestyle, who always manages to find a warm bed to sleep at night by using his Cajun charm on any woman that catches his eyes.

Rogue is an insecure southern belle (I’m thinking Lizzy Caplan) who is off to the big city to find someone to help her with her mutant power – an uncontrollable ability that drains the life force of anybody that touches her. Because of this power Rogue has issues connecting with people and always maintains an emotional and physical distance from those around her.

Chicks dig handsome old guys

The two meet, and for the first time, Gambit actually falls in love – but with someone he can’t have. He works at keeping his flirtatious ways in check to win Rogue’s heart, and eventually finds out that on top of her issues with her power, she has trust issues that stem from her first boyfriend – a guy who tried to force his way on her, which is incidentally the moment Rogue’s power first manifested itself.

And just to throw more conflict into the picture, there’s a third guy. Rogue meets Magneto, a handsome older guy (like a Harrison Ford or Liam Neeson) whose powers of magnetism can actually create a tight electromagnetic sheath that allows him to get close enough to her that it feels like they’re touching, but without actually touching. Essentially, it’s a full-body electromagnetic condom.

Seriously, I did not make this up.

So now there’s a love triangle with a charming young man, an insecure young woman, and a confident and handsome older guy – it just happens that all three of them have enough mutant powers to blow a city up.

You’d totally go and watch this movie, right?

Marvel, please drop a comment or email me if you want me to write this screenplay for you! Call me!


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