Protect your hearts from evil girls – the Great Expectations trailer is out!

Mike Newell’s new adaptation of Great Expectations is probably coming out soon, cos a trailer just arrived.

A few things popped into my mind while watching the trailer:

  1. I always pictured Miss Havisham to be much older, though Helena Bonham Carter is definitely looking good in the role.
  2. Holliday Grainger just doesn’t really look like an Estella.
  3. What kind of name is Holliday?

Holliday Grainger… not quite the Estella I envisioned

Why this preoccupation with Estella? I’m not a huge fan of classic literary nor am I particularly well-read, but I HAVE read Great Expectations because we had to study that in school. I won’t say it’s my favorite book of all time, but it has affected me in the sense that I’m now deadly afraid of ice-queens, and have taken to referring to them as Estellas.

That girl that my BFF was in love with who used him as a Filler Bunny? She was an Estella.

And the reason I’m not really buying Holliday Grainger as Estella is because I always envisioned Estella as a bitch-faced hottie… completely devoid of emotion (like Kristen Stewart), but also incredibly hot (unlike Kristen Stewart). Holliday Grainger might be a really good actress, and she’s definitely attractive, but I don’t think she has that immediate physical beauty that Estella has.

I always figured Estella would look more like Megan Fox

The character of Estella is cold, emotionless, always conscious of the fact that she’s hot, and ready to use her charms to distract people from the fact that she has no real soul or personality underneath.

Doesn’t that remind you of someone? I mean, when I read the book 15 years ago, I didn’t have an exact face to put to the character, but now I do.

Megan Fox.

Anyway, my BFF never read Great Expectations and he fell for an Estella. Let’s hope this movie can prevent more tragedies like this from happening by warning a new generation of boys against girls like these.


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